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Thai Pork Mince

This is a delicious recipe that is so easy you can prep it while babies eat a snack and the key is that it can stand this your guest arrive or your husband gets home. One pack of mince makes 2 portions for the babies and one dinner for my husband and I. you can do half and half and have a smaller dinner and freeze more for more children meals.

The final dish, garnished with cariander and sesame seeds

I can’t actually remember where this one came from but it is definitely inspired by soy and Thai basil pork mince dish we ate and loved in Thailand when we went there in 2017 and improvised a little to make it work for the entire family. The image shows the condiments we use but it just what we have in and can be substituted.


Pork mince (you can substitute with turkey or chicken if you prefer)Fish sauce
½ a Red and green pepperReduced salt soy sauce
4 Spring onions chopped (you can use any onion here)Thai green curry paste, to taste
Washed spinach shredded/ finely choppedPeanut butter optional
Optional ½ grated carrotsSesame seeds
Chopped corianderCoconut oil
½ can of Coconut milkLemon grass if you have any
 Thailbasil if you have this it will be delicious


Fry the spring onion in the small pan and the peppers in a larger pan using coconut oil, you can use any oil you have here. Once the onion and peppers have chard slightly and soften separate a little into the child’s pan and a larger amount into the larger adult’s pan. I blended the onion and peppers as the babies don’t much like eating pieces of pepper and it integrates nicely into dish then too.

Once you have fried the onion and pepper blend it with a handblender before adding your currypaste, this step is optional

Now add the curry paste to each I used my tiny teaspoons as seen on the chopping board. One un-heaped for the child’s portion and two heaped for the adults, you can add more but it is more for flavour than heat. Stir till they become fragrant and add the mince ¼ for the child’s portion or 50/50 if you want to freeze some portions. Brown off the mince and add the spinach at this point to wilt.

Use a seperate small pan for the children so you can add less curry paste

Once the mince is cooked add the coconut milk and flavour the adult portion with fish sauce and soy and the children’s just with a little soy sauce. Add coriander to taste but save some for the top of your dish, I only added a tiny amount for the children so they can get used to it, but it is a strong flavour for them. If you are only serving this later, I stopped cooking it now and just brought it back up to heat and reduce before serving. If you are eating it straight away added a teaspoon of peanut butter and reduce, taste and serve when you are happy. We serve ours with rice, Thai rice or basmati but what ever you enjoy or have in is fine. Garnish with coriander leaves and sesame seeds. Enjoy!!!


Luxury Goods with a Second life

On Wednesday night I ventured into central London for a showcase evening by the retailer Cudoni, who buy and sell pre-loved luxury items. I am so grateful that my husband rushed home from work so I could run out the door to make it to the venue on time. After navigating Oxford Street in rush hour, through the pouring rain it was a relief to find the unassuming entrance to Maddox Club, where the event was being held. What a wonderful venue, each room with different designer wallpaper, low lit lighting and lovely design details throughout.

On arrival your coats were checked, and with a glass of bubbly we were led downstairs to a private room of the Mayfair venue.

Once in the Greenroom we were met with a competition where you stood a chance to win a stunning Chanel scarf. A live DJ, playing on the decks positioned on what looked like a French baroque desk, was setting the tune to the night. The room was bustling with ladies mingling, drinking Prosecco and looking at the great merchandise Cudoni had brought along.

The Greenroom at Maddox Club

The scarf was not meant to be mine but that didn’t matter as it was a great night, getting to know more about the Cudoni brand. The display table was covered in stunning designer goods such as handbags by Hermes, Gucci, Versace, Fendi, LV and more.

Display table with designer goods by Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and many more

Most people love beautiful, well-made items, but we can’t all afford them at full price or even prefer not to be wasteful. Cudoni steps in and takes the worry away from you. They will collect your items from you for free and carry out a market valuation. Once everybody is satisfied, they start selling for you.

If you have some lovely items in your cupboard you no- longer need or an unwanted gift, why not get in touch with Cudoni and let someone else enjoy the item and at the same time do your bit against the war on waste. Similarly, if you have a birthday or special occasion coming up or you need a gift for someone special this could be the solution to trawling the high street or internet looking for something new.

I would like to do a shout out to the wonderful team at Mayfair Times for arranging the event, it was very well run and I know that everyone attending had a great time.

Veg bake for the whole family

The thing that has been the trickiest for us is making food for the babies that we can also eat. We need flavor and so do they to get used to eating food that is not just bland. As we have twins it needs to be easy for me to prepare whilst on the move or they are eating their lunch.

So, I did this yesterday and it worked a treat and was something I have never tried before. I hope you like it let me know.

Easy vegatable bake


Vegatable base                                                                                        Sauce

1 medium onion1 medium carrot -grated
Red pepper and green chopped250 ml Passata
½ punnet of mushroom cubed2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
1 sweet potato choppedMixed herbs
Cubed Butternut 1 cup (more if you like)1 Garlic clove – minced
Smoked, paprika, pepperTeaspoon Worchester sauce


Heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Cut all your vegetables into 1.5cm pieces, cover in a couple glugs of olive oil. Sprinkle in spices of choice, I used a roast vegetable mix and pepper. I also added smoked paprika and a little graham masala just to lift it. Roast for 25minutes and stir and leave a further 20minutes or until the veg have some colour and are cooked.

While the veg is roasting fry off the 2 tbsp of onion with some olive oil for 2 minutes then add the carrot and some mixed herbs and fry for another 2 minutes. Once the carrot has changed colour add the passata, Worcestershire sauce and something sweet I used carob maple syrup just to balance the tomato sauce. Add salt if you want.

Once the veg is ready remove from the oven and add the sauce mix through. Sprinkle with cheese and back for a further 20mins till brown, grill if needed. If you are only eating it later only sprinkle cheese once cool and keep in the fridge.

Tip I split the children’s and ours and sprinkled some chili on ours. Serve with couscous or mix through pasta or on a toasted ciabatta or sour dough bread. This is rather rich so for the children I also mixed some yougurt through with the couscous. Enjoy! Let us know how it works for you!!