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Exploring our new world

Dear readers, we have away for a week to celebrate my birthday and the plan was to take some time out to write a post. That didn’t happen I am afraid and since it has been a while since I have hit the keys, I am almost finding it hard to decide what to write about.

When we got back from our time in Herefordshire, where they had a one-way walking system on the pavement, it seemed very much business as usual here in London. We went to Brockwell Park and the Sunday Market was on. It was lovely, we made sure to keep our distance from people and use hand sanitizer regularly, but the stores were all trading and 2 of them sold facemasks along with their other usual fabric products.

It was a sunny day so anything I felt more confident that the sun would have zapped any Covid-19. I used to live in this little village before moving North to Kings Cross, so I always have an affinity for the area, but it is really great! It has a wonderful collection of shops and bars to explore and many of them are offering an order/ take away option for drinks and food.

Let’s start with inside the station there is a new ice cream bar, -12 ° with delicious tasty ice cream and on a hot summers day it was just what was needed. On Railton Road just outside the station, you will find The Commercial that is really one of the best pubs I have ever been to definitely worth stopping off if you are comfortable going into place. We chose to stay out in the sun, so my husband got a takeaway pint from Off the cuff; a music venue and bar. We happily strolled through the stalls and bought some Biltong from The Meat Boss, Teriyaki flavour is very good and a new one on me. 

There is a deli called Sesami that I used to love getting spinach and feta parcels from, they have amazing freshly made treats inspired by Cypriot, Greek, Turkish, Middle-Eastern and Italian cuisine, but also offer some specialist delicious store cupboard goods.

We headed over to the park a kicked a ball around with Aria and Austin who very much enjoyed seeing people out and about. We just had a job keeping them at the 2 meter distance while joylessly kicking their ball around and pulling sticks around. If you are stuck for what to do oneday I really recommend this lovely area. There are many more places we didnt get to give a go such as The Agile Rabbit, First Aid Box, The Canopy Brewery, that are definately worth checking out.


Country escape to Overton

We were lucky enough to have the Grandparents come stay over for the weekend to look after Aria and Austin. They did a great job and we were able get out and about without the little ones. It was lots of fun but gosh Mamma was very tiered on Sunday evening.

We jumped on the trained out of London to meet up with some friends in Overton. We travelled through Clapham Junction to get there, one of the biggest interchanges for passengers in the country and it was so empty! There had been a cancellation of a St Patrick’s Day march and possibly many more events across the capital due to the Corona virrus outbreak.

The discussion on the train was not purely about our babies, it was about moving out of London and where we could settle that would be commutable for my husband and still have enough going on to keep us entertained. M&S provided a lovely smorgasbord for lunch on the way, it was just really lovely to have an hour with my husband to sit, chat and eat together without any crying and just focus on each other. Luxury right there!

Everyone knows how nice it is out of London in the countryside so I won’t go on and on about it, but the 20 minute walk to The Red Lion pub was so refreshing. Especially considering that we are going to be under lock and key soon with the Corona virus on the loose. The pub was nicely decorated and even though we didn’t have a big lunch there the food and menu looked great. I opted for haloumi skewers, showing that for £6 and glass of wine you can have a great afternoon in the pub. Just drink a pint of water along side the wine, to avoid the sluggish effects of alcohol.

Doing what we referred to as a ‘pub hop’, meaning we moved from one to another. The second pub was The White Hart, what a stunning pub that looks to have been refurbished recently. It has won the best pub in the area in the recent awards and also offers rooms if you are planning on staying in the area.

The White Hart’s bar

We had to hot foot it back to the station and the lovely walk into town ended up being a bit of an up-hill march after a few drinks to get back to the station. Still refreshing just harder. We made it back on the train and into London. Tip if you are coming from that way, you need to change at Basingstoke! Our train went straight past Clapham Junction to Waterloo, we had to get a train back again. No adventure is without its challenges.