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Finding your Happy at home

Most of my blog’s focus has been on the children and what we do in our day, and while that makes for fun and interesting writing there is a lot more going on in people’s lives.

As it happens this morning, we did a Joe Wicks P.E session together as a family, they are rather challenging so that will be my exercise for today and I will commit to doing a hardcore HIIT session tomorrow. Mostly within a day I do at least one work out, whether that is a calming yoga, quick core workout by MadFit or a Peloton session with my husband.

Daddy, Austin & Aria doing P.E with Joe

 We need to take the time to keep our heads straight, I can confirm that some days this has been so hard! You still have all the normal work to do coupled with all this fitness ‘malark’ and being a full-time good wife. It’s a lot so make sure to also cordon off time for you away from it all. Even the fitness, yes it will help but you need time to think or not think. On Monday after the children went down for a nap, I ran myself a bath and popped a Lush bath bomb( I cut it in half so I had some for another day) in and listened to a Podcast, Happy Place with Fearne Cotton and Russel Brand, confession I actually loves what he has to say! Yes, he makes it sound preachy and talks very fast but at least he is saying something and thinking about others.

While I know many people have been spring cleaning, decluttering and getting the garden ready we have not been that productive, well we have done the garden but it was only this morning that I gave our shelves in the lounge a sort. It seems that each time the babies can reach higher we just move items and after months it looked beyond messy. Giving areas in your home a freshen up can quickly and easily lift your spirits, like with most things you just need to set the time aside to do it. I tackled ours while in PJ’s and just did it!

Now the dust has settled it seems more and more social events are popping up. This evening we are enjoying a bottle of wine with above mentioned neighbours’ this evening. There is a garden between us, so safe distance sorted! Similarly, we have calls set up with some friends from our NCT group on Friday and Matt with the NCT guys on Thursday.

My lovely neighbour and Godmother to my children gave us a great idea that should have come to mind but in busy lives… They are ordering a takeaway and doing a date night every Saturday. Setting the table up like a restuarant and enjoying time together. We are looking forward to ‘going out’ for Japanese on Saturday night.

Create special time within your home.

Casey from Sensoryland has scheduled Cuppa Club for the Moms or Dads to log in and have a chat on Zoom. We get the chance to talk about something that you struggled with/ found difficult that week or share an activity that was fun. I found it super helpful to just say out load what was bothering me and saying it to someone that isn’t my husband. I have been struggling to sleep or get back to sleep after waking up for the babies, one of the members had a tip to think of your thoughts as a train and each carriage is a thought. If the thought isn’t something you want to explore or that will serve you jump it and move to the next. So, go on connect with groups that you belonged to you never know if you can offer some support to someone out there too.

Remember your life before the lockdown and the things that made you happy and try recreating or adapt the things that made you happy. Create your own happy.


Tooting Date Night

This is such an amazing area to live near! Not only for the links into London that the tube opens but the markets. If you are a local, you know all about it, but it is anything but boring to mention again. I think that it is still important to share these good experiences even though there are uncertain times ahead for us. It is in times like these that we should support each other and remain as positive as possible.

Tooting Market and Broadway Market were built in the 1930’s, similarly to the Brixton markets, these were fruit and veg, meat and fish market traders. Though there are many that have been there for fifty- or eighty-years, new traders have moved in to reflect the changing times.  There is a refil shop and a zero waste bar, restaurants, coffee shops and many more. It truely does reflect the community and London right now.

My husband, Matt, and I went for a night out recently starting with a glass of wine at Hennys. We love this venue for its simple and unassuming décor, whitewashed walls and intimate seating. The hunger was calling, and I knew I felt like a pulled pork burger from The Joint. The food was delicious! We had a bit of a spread so we can taste it all, see below.

The market really comes alive later in the evening, something we hadn’t see since the summer of 2018 due to being pregnant with twins and going to bed at 21:00! It could have been that the recent news about Corona that made people want to go out and meet friends and family before we went into lock down. The feeling was one of comradery and community. We stopped at Craft for an after-dinner beverage, my husband loves craft beer, he also home brews, and I don’t mind one myself. The guys serving us weren’t very happy that the Premier League has been postponed and had some opinions on what they should be doing. Everyone will have their own personal viewpoint and feelings in the time we can only be understanding of other people’s positions.

DJ playing outside Craft, creating a party atmosphere.

Outside the shop the DJ was mixing and playing a trumpet along to the mix, people were dancing the passage and just having a great time. Our evening was drawing to a close and we took a walk in the direction of home.


One last stop at the Goldfinch before heading home. It is such a lovely little bar, excuse the pun as that is what it used to be called. They make a great cocktail here, but I had a simple glass of Cava for a last drink. Just enjoying a bit of a laugh and chat with Matt. It was great and felt like we were dating again pre children for the brief moments we had away from them that evening.