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Exploring our new world

Dear readers, we have away for a week to celebrate my birthday and the plan was to take some time out to write a post. That didn’t happen I am afraid and since it has been a while since I have hit the keys, I am almost finding it hard to decide what to write about.

When we got back from our time in Herefordshire, where they had a one-way walking system on the pavement, it seemed very much business as usual here in London. We went to Brockwell Park and the Sunday Market was on. It was lovely, we made sure to keep our distance from people and use hand sanitizer regularly, but the stores were all trading and 2 of them sold facemasks along with their other usual fabric products.

It was a sunny day so anything I felt more confident that the sun would have zapped any Covid-19. I used to live in this little village before moving North to Kings Cross, so I always have an affinity for the area, but it is really great! It has a wonderful collection of shops and bars to explore and many of them are offering an order/ take away option for drinks and food.

Let’s start with inside the station there is a new ice cream bar, -12 ° with delicious tasty ice cream and on a hot summers day it was just what was needed. On Railton Road just outside the station, you will find The Commercial that is really one of the best pubs I have ever been to definitely worth stopping off if you are comfortable going into place. We chose to stay out in the sun, so my husband got a takeaway pint from Off the cuff; a music venue and bar. We happily strolled through the stalls and bought some Biltong from The Meat Boss, Teriyaki flavour is very good and a new one on me. 

There is a deli called Sesami that I used to love getting spinach and feta parcels from, they have amazing freshly made treats inspired by Cypriot, Greek, Turkish, Middle-Eastern and Italian cuisine, but also offer some specialist delicious store cupboard goods.

We headed over to the park a kicked a ball around with Aria and Austin who very much enjoyed seeing people out and about. We just had a job keeping them at the 2 meter distance while joylessly kicking their ball around and pulling sticks around. If you are stuck for what to do oneday I really recommend this lovely area. There are many more places we didnt get to give a go such as The Agile Rabbit, First Aid Box, The Canopy Brewery, that are definately worth checking out.


Cocktail Hour 2

The Bank Holiday has come and gone but it was lovely, we just enjoyed the children and the lovely weather. How is it that I still feel we over commit or are busy when we are all staying at home! With the weekend came cocktails and all seemed to be served in short so alas they do not look very fancy, but they were truly refreshing and delicious.

We kept it simple, I am not going to pretend that we are master cocktailers. We started off proceedings with Whiskey smash recommended by our neighbour Emily. Per cocktails you need a double whiskey shot, lemon slices of a ¼ lemon, bunch of mint leaves and a teaspoon of sugar. Put it all in a shaker with ice and shake! Pour it over more ice and enjoy. I left two slices of lemon out on the side over night and it

Moscow mule, 1 shot of lime juice, ginger beer, and double shot of vodka. Combine the ginger beer and vodka in a glass with ice and stir, add your lime juice a gently stir garnish with a slice of lime.

Then the humble Margarita, party in a glass right! My husband does the honors with this one and I need to really fight to make a cocktail in this house. I love having cocktails made for me but noticed cocktails and fire is my husband’s domain. You will need a double shot of Tequila, single lime juice and a single Triple sec or Cointreau. Shake all the ingredients with ice in a shaker and pour into a glass we don’t serve ours over ice, but you are welcome to. This may be controversial, but we also do not salt our rim… personal choice, last time I did a tiny sprinkle on top to give that taste bud explosion.

Here is the G&T we had on a hot Sunday afternoon, these lovely glasses from my Mom really suit this cocktail

Have a great weekend and take care, I know the rules are relaxing but still make sure to keep yourself and others safe.

Cocktail Hour

This post is slightly delayed, apologies for that, but you have it in time to be inspired for Bank Holiday next weekend. The weather being so grey is partly what delayed the post, rainy days don’t exactly scream cocktails in the garden. I hope you are all well, safe and having a good weekend at home?!

It was last weekend that we tried a few simple mixes after stocking up the bar for the lockdown and summer period. The measures below are for one drink.

Firstly, an Elderflower Gin Fizz, refreshing and an instant happy hit. We combined a 4cl measure of Gin and a 2cl Elderflower liquor shaken over ice and topped up with Cava. My personal preference is Cava but if you are a Prosecco lover that is totally fine too.

Japanese Blossom in Woodford Reserve copper glasses

Fever Tree have brought out a cocktail book that showcases their tonic and a huge variety of cocktails you can make. Our neighbour recommended the Japanese Blossom as we had bought a lovely French Caribbean Rum, Clément. You will need the rum, Elderflower liquor, lemon juice, tonic water or Elderflower tonic, pineapple juice and honey. Remember you can substitute if you do not have all these ingredients, it’s your cocktail your rules!

The Expresso Martini, we used 4cl Vodka and 2cl Coffee Liquor and some sugar syrup, we didn’t use fresh coffee and it tasted great all the same. For the garnish all we had was white chocolate eggs from Easter that I bashed up in the Pestel and Mortar.

Expresso Martini

We used this lovely Gatsby Cocktail Book for some of the recipes such as the Old Fashioned. We used Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, sugar syrup and an orange peel for garnish. Muddle the ingredients in a glass over ice and then garnish once you have combined the mixed to your taste.

Enjoy responsibly please.

Summer garden and cocktail fun!

Happy Monday people, I trust your day went well? I have always said that I would be honest because I do not want to send out a false image into the world that may affect other negatively. This weekend however was such a HOOT that I will share that it! My husband and I were meant to be going to Budapest without the children, our first trip away from them. As exiting as that was and disappointing it was to be cancelled, we had a lovely time here at home in our little paradise/ suntrap.

On Friday we played in the garden most of the day. We were still suffering the effects from the night before when Aria would not go to sleep( dummy removal related) so we needed to postpone a video chat we set up with some friends. We did spend the early evening in the garden eating dinner and just relaxing into the weekend. Hubby made us a delicious Old-Fashioned cocktail and we got an early night.

We had loads of plans for the weekend but sometimes you just need to adjust and tweak till you find your comfortable place. Matt and I did a great strength workout in the garden and prepared some meats for our braai later in the afternoon. Luckily, I had already made the Potato Puffs for the kids, so their lunch was sorted.

Our menu consisted of yogurt and sweet chilli marinaded chicken thighs and Asian pork belly (my favourite!!) with corn on the cob and braai bread as sides. The babies enjoyed some roast sweet potato that we warmed on the braai. So just to give some context, a Braai is a South African version of the BBQ, there is generally home made marinades, many sides and it is more of a journey than a quick preparation of food. Also, we allow tasters, so as you cook you cut the meat into small chunks and pass around for guest to enjoy. We just passed it between the two of us under the current circumstances.

We had some refreshing Shandy’s in the afternoon and once the children had gone to bed, we made some cocktails, starting with an Elderflower gin Fizz for sundowners. Followed by Japanese Blossoms recommended to us by our awesome neighbours and friends while listen to Another Ambition’s mix. Once we had come into the house and put Netfliks Unorthodox on we had a night cap. Keep an eye you for my next piece that tells you more about the cocktails and ingredients.

Japanese Blossom rum cocktails in copper glasses

Sunday rolled round and the kids were in the garden from 10:00 with my hubby doing the food prep, tidying and iced coffee preparation. Thanks darling!! The day was mostly tanning for me and Matt in the studio while the children had their naps and the afternoon more of the same really and a walk to the park so the children could run around. I do not know if it is just me, but they keep running to the risky areas, rubbish or anything that could remotely be covered in Corona?! My husband kindly informed me that the virus can not live on items exposed to the sun for longer than 5 minutes.

Trying to have a nice photo taken with my children…

We had an over the fence catch up with Emi and Etti, as the kids call our neighbours and watched the last episode of Unorthodox. It was very good, and I was much disappointed that the 4th episode was the last! What?! Here is to everyone having a great week and hope to hear from some of you how you are doing during lockdown. Keep safe!

Learning and Fun at home

I hope that you are all well and safe?! This week passed in a whirl and here we are, weekend again. We have been keeping busy with some classes for the little ones and exercises for us adults too. There are a few classes that we now truly cannot live without, in the development of our little humans.

On Monday mornings start your week off with a nice relaxing kids yoga class with @glowyoga_studio, last week was a Safari themed class and even though Austin and Aria weren’t following the class they loved being able move freely, play with Mommy on the yoga mat and learn the African animals.

Joe Wicks, not only has you offered us delicious Lean in 15 recipes, Wean in 15 recipes, but now the morning workout P.E with Joe. I thought this was for school going children but tuned in to it one morning as it is all over the news but turns out, it is quite challenging and lifts your heartrate and focuses in on those muscles! We were very impressed, and the kids played around me while I was doing it.

Mini Music Makers is just great! The presenters engage the children and are good singers and it is enjoyable for all. They really make it fun for the children and parents offering an upbeat and musical class. There is a definite focus on learning, and it has a wonderful, I’m just going to say it… not ‘annoying’ vibe to the class. There are only so many sing-along classes you can sit through, hoping its not just me on that one!

I did make mention of Dantastic Productions last week, but they do put on a good show and they include some props that you can gather from bits you have around the house. This one requires a bit more from you to set the tone/ fun element for the children, but it is like being at a children’s party, so good for them.

What I found is that if you have a few Ace’s up your sleeve, aka online classes then you will be fine. When you feel you need a break from play/entertain let the experts take over and your children will enjoy it too. We ended the week on a high with @SophieEllisBextor and her Kitchen Disco!! Who can feel low after a disco boogie we can’t wait for next week and will find some sparkly clothes for it too! She released her album Familia just after giving birth to baby in 2016, what an amazing, fun woman.

Some others that supported us this week were; @ettiebettybaby for sing and sign and Wiggle and Rhyme. Momtalkpodcast has been super kind and put the live classes together on a handy spread sheet that you can go a grab from her Instagram.

Mumtalkpodcast –

If you find any more classes or activities that are worth following or checking out please share them below in the comments or message me? The time really does fly if you keep busy.

Keeping busy with kids

Keeping busy while at home with Aria and Austin has not been hard, any Mom will know there is loads to do, but keeping the littles one entertained is another matter.

On Friday we went for a walk with Daddy to Tooting before the baby’s lunch and lovely nap. During their nap I did a quick ab workout and had some lunch. We missed the live broadcast but played the Dantastic Productions Toddler Party recording for them later in the afternoon. It was more of a workout for me, but they enjoyed the activity around them and it took us through to dinner.

Pop up and Play tunnel

We are trying to think out the box and it turns out an egg carton and some cut up straws provide hours of fun. The babies ended up just chewing the straws, but they were happy and are still finding them and carrying them around. We bought this fabric tunnel a while ago, I fold it away mostly and then bring it out for a while every once and a while when Austin and Aria need entertainment. Our playpen came with a bag of balls that turns it into a fun ball pit.

Bath time we have always done super quick as I have two to wash and keep from going under. Now that Daddy is at home, we can enjoy it much more, we ordered the below fun toy from Amazon. I added a little food colouring to the bath water to make it extra special and Ill be getting bubble bath next time I brave a shop.

Rain & Shine Bath Bar

There are so many classes going live on air now my Twin group (Wandsworth Twins Club) have been sharing some great ideas. If you are a parent of twins this is such a great way to link up with mothers of twins a similar age to yours. When things are running normally there is a playgroup on Wednesdays, coffee mornings, Girls night outs and talks on various useful topics. Currently it is almost more important as Moms are sharing ideas and offering support and comradery.

Please comment on the post if you have any different classes you think is worth a share? I will be working my next post sharing handy delivery services that have become available. Happy playing everyone!

Useful links:

  • Peloton are offering 90 days free for there online fitness classes, so the entire family can stay fit
  • Google ‘live zoo cams’, this links to Zoo webcams around the world

Facebook Groups:

  • Busy Toddlers and Beyond
  • Wriggle and Rhyme Story Times London
  • Tumble Tots

Tooting Date Night

This is such an amazing area to live near! Not only for the links into London that the tube opens but the markets. If you are a local, you know all about it, but it is anything but boring to mention again. I think that it is still important to share these good experiences even though there are uncertain times ahead for us. It is in times like these that we should support each other and remain as positive as possible.

Tooting Market and Broadway Market were built in the 1930’s, similarly to the Brixton markets, these were fruit and veg, meat and fish market traders. Though there are many that have been there for fifty- or eighty-years, new traders have moved in to reflect the changing times.  There is a refil shop and a zero waste bar, restaurants, coffee shops and many more. It truely does reflect the community and London right now.

My husband, Matt, and I went for a night out recently starting with a glass of wine at Hennys. We love this venue for its simple and unassuming décor, whitewashed walls and intimate seating. The hunger was calling, and I knew I felt like a pulled pork burger from The Joint. The food was delicious! We had a bit of a spread so we can taste it all, see below.

The market really comes alive later in the evening, something we hadn’t see since the summer of 2018 due to being pregnant with twins and going to bed at 21:00! It could have been that the recent news about Corona that made people want to go out and meet friends and family before we went into lock down. The feeling was one of comradery and community. We stopped at Craft for an after-dinner beverage, my husband loves craft beer, he also home brews, and I don’t mind one myself. The guys serving us weren’t very happy that the Premier League has been postponed and had some opinions on what they should be doing. Everyone will have their own personal viewpoint and feelings in the time we can only be understanding of other people’s positions.

DJ playing outside Craft, creating a party atmosphere.

Outside the shop the DJ was mixing and playing a trumpet along to the mix, people were dancing the passage and just having a great time. Our evening was drawing to a close and we took a walk in the direction of home.


One last stop at the Goldfinch before heading home. It is such a lovely little bar, excuse the pun as that is what it used to be called. They make a great cocktail here, but I had a simple glass of Cava for a last drink. Just enjoying a bit of a laugh and chat with Matt. It was great and felt like we were dating again pre children for the brief moments we had away from them that evening.

Country escape to Overton

We were lucky enough to have the Grandparents come stay over for the weekend to look after Aria and Austin. They did a great job and we were able get out and about without the little ones. It was lots of fun but gosh Mamma was very tiered on Sunday evening.

We jumped on the trained out of London to meet up with some friends in Overton. We travelled through Clapham Junction to get there, one of the biggest interchanges for passengers in the country and it was so empty! There had been a cancellation of a St Patrick’s Day march and possibly many more events across the capital due to the Corona virrus outbreak.

The discussion on the train was not purely about our babies, it was about moving out of London and where we could settle that would be commutable for my husband and still have enough going on to keep us entertained. M&S provided a lovely smorgasbord for lunch on the way, it was just really lovely to have an hour with my husband to sit, chat and eat together without any crying and just focus on each other. Luxury right there!

Everyone knows how nice it is out of London in the countryside so I won’t go on and on about it, but the 20 minute walk to The Red Lion pub was so refreshing. Especially considering that we are going to be under lock and key soon with the Corona virus on the loose. The pub was nicely decorated and even though we didn’t have a big lunch there the food and menu looked great. I opted for haloumi skewers, showing that for £6 and glass of wine you can have a great afternoon in the pub. Just drink a pint of water along side the wine, to avoid the sluggish effects of alcohol.

Doing what we referred to as a ‘pub hop’, meaning we moved from one to another. The second pub was The White Hart, what a stunning pub that looks to have been refurbished recently. It has won the best pub in the area in the recent awards and also offers rooms if you are planning on staying in the area.

The White Hart’s bar

We had to hot foot it back to the station and the lovely walk into town ended up being a bit of an up-hill march after a few drinks to get back to the station. Still refreshing just harder. We made it back on the train and into London. Tip if you are coming from that way, you need to change at Basingstoke! Our train went straight past Clapham Junction to Waterloo, we had to get a train back again. No adventure is without its challenges.

Luxury Goods with a Second life

On Wednesday night I ventured into central London for a showcase evening by the retailer Cudoni, who buy and sell pre-loved luxury items. I am so grateful that my husband rushed home from work so I could run out the door to make it to the venue on time. After navigating Oxford Street in rush hour, through the pouring rain it was a relief to find the unassuming entrance to Maddox Club, where the event was being held. What a wonderful venue, each room with different designer wallpaper, low lit lighting and lovely design details throughout.

On arrival your coats were checked, and with a glass of bubbly we were led downstairs to a private room of the Mayfair venue.

Once in the Greenroom we were met with a competition where you stood a chance to win a stunning Chanel scarf. A live DJ, playing on the decks positioned on what looked like a French baroque desk, was setting the tune to the night. The room was bustling with ladies mingling, drinking Prosecco and looking at the great merchandise Cudoni had brought along.

The Greenroom at Maddox Club

The scarf was not meant to be mine but that didn’t matter as it was a great night, getting to know more about the Cudoni brand. The display table was covered in stunning designer goods such as handbags by Hermes, Gucci, Versace, Fendi, LV and more.

Display table with designer goods by Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and many more

Most people love beautiful, well-made items, but we can’t all afford them at full price or even prefer not to be wasteful. Cudoni steps in and takes the worry away from you. They will collect your items from you for free and carry out a market valuation. Once everybody is satisfied, they start selling for you.

If you have some lovely items in your cupboard you no- longer need or an unwanted gift, why not get in touch with Cudoni and let someone else enjoy the item and at the same time do your bit against the war on waste. Similarly, if you have a birthday or special occasion coming up or you need a gift for someone special this could be the solution to trawling the high street or internet looking for something new.

I would like to do a shout out to the wonderful team at Mayfair Times for arranging the event, it was very well run and I know that everyone attending had a great time.

Friday morning and Messy Play

This week has turned out to be full of activities! Our wonderful neighbour and Godmamma to the twins joined us for a cup of coffee at Estate Office Coffee before work and the baby class we had after. So glad this great little spot opened on Greyhound Lane.

We hadn’t got round to trying it since it opened, [partly because I was worried that our double buggy would take up too much room. They were very accommodating and there were loads of other buggies and the business people who were there were kind enough to not look at us with disdain. Always a win, I think. The beacon butty and coffee was very tasty, and we will defiantly stop in here again.  

Estate Office Coffee cuppa

The class we had was Messy Play with the great team from Sensory Land at the Railway Pub by the Streatham Common Station. I would really recommend this for your little ones, they can explore and develop their skills in a safe environment and Mummy doesn’t need to the cleaning up.

I am not sure if I stand alone here but I tend to try keep this clean and mealtimes is as messy as it gets. I really look forward to when we do art in the house but just feel that it will be better when they understand a bit better. Thankfully in the meantime there are classes such as this one, that offer a space where parents can let go and the children can enjoy themselves without our limitations. 

Everyone chasing bubbles

This is just a quick share of our morning as both were worth a mention.