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Keeping busy with kids

Keeping busy while at home with Aria and Austin has not been hard, any Mom will know there is loads to do, but keeping the littles one entertained is another matter.

On Friday we went for a walk with Daddy to Tooting before the baby’s lunch and lovely nap. During their nap I did a quick ab workout and had some lunch. We missed the live broadcast but played the Dantastic Productions Toddler Party recording for them later in the afternoon. It was more of a workout for me, but they enjoyed the activity around them and it took us through to dinner.

Pop up and Play tunnel

We are trying to think out the box and it turns out an egg carton and some cut up straws provide hours of fun. The babies ended up just chewing the straws, but they were happy and are still finding them and carrying them around. We bought this fabric tunnel a while ago, I fold it away mostly and then bring it out for a while every once and a while when Austin and Aria need entertainment. Our playpen came with a bag of balls that turns it into a fun ball pit.

Bath time we have always done super quick as I have two to wash and keep from going under. Now that Daddy is at home, we can enjoy it much more, we ordered the below fun toy from Amazon. I added a little food colouring to the bath water to make it extra special and Ill be getting bubble bath next time I brave a shop.

Rain & Shine Bath Bar

There are so many classes going live on air now my Twin group (Wandsworth Twins Club) have been sharing some great ideas. If you are a parent of twins this is such a great way to link up with mothers of twins a similar age to yours. When things are running normally there is a playgroup on Wednesdays, coffee mornings, Girls night outs and talks on various useful topics. Currently it is almost more important as Moms are sharing ideas and offering support and comradery.

Please comment on the post if you have any different classes you think is worth a share? I will be working my next post sharing handy delivery services that have become available. Happy playing everyone!

Useful links:

  • Peloton are offering 90 days free for there online fitness classes, so the entire family can stay fit
  • Google ‘live zoo cams’, this links to Zoo webcams around the world

Facebook Groups:

  • Busy Toddlers and Beyond
  • Wriggle and Rhyme Story Times London
  • Tumble Tots

Author: bernadineawalters

We live in South London and I am a mother of twins. They are 1 and I am documenting life after giving birth. The bad days, the great days and also making sure to find myself within motherhood. I look forward to sharing my varied interests with you and hope to find some like minded people out there and hopfully be of some support to some new Moms out there.

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