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Cocktail Hour 2

The Bank Holiday has come and gone but it was lovely, we just enjoyed the children and the lovely weather. How is it that I still feel we over commit or are busy when we are all staying at home! With the weekend came cocktails and all seemed to be served in short so alas they do not look very fancy, but they were truly refreshing and delicious.

We kept it simple, I am not going to pretend that we are master cocktailers. We started off proceedings with Whiskey smash recommended by our neighbour Emily. Per cocktails you need a double whiskey shot, lemon slices of a ¼ lemon, bunch of mint leaves and a teaspoon of sugar. Put it all in a shaker with ice and shake! Pour it over more ice and enjoy. I left two slices of lemon out on the side over night and it

Moscow mule, 1 shot of lime juice, ginger beer, and double shot of vodka. Combine the ginger beer and vodka in a glass with ice and stir, add your lime juice a gently stir garnish with a slice of lime.

Then the humble Margarita, party in a glass right! My husband does the honors with this one and I need to really fight to make a cocktail in this house. I love having cocktails made for me but noticed cocktails and fire is my husband’s domain. You will need a double shot of Tequila, single lime juice and a single Triple sec or Cointreau. Shake all the ingredients with ice in a shaker and pour into a glass we don’t serve ours over ice, but you are welcome to. This may be controversial, but we also do not salt our rim… personal choice, last time I did a tiny sprinkle on top to give that taste bud explosion.

Here is the G&T we had on a hot Sunday afternoon, these lovely glasses from my Mom really suit this cocktail

Have a great weekend and take care, I know the rules are relaxing but still make sure to keep yourself and others safe.


Author: bernadineawalters

We live in South London and I am a mother of twins. They are 1 and I am documenting life after giving birth. The bad days, the great days and also making sure to find myself within motherhood. I look forward to sharing my varied interests with you and hope to find some like minded people out there and hopfully be of some support to some new Moms out there.

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