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Learning and Fun at home

I hope that you are all well and safe?! This week passed in a whirl and here we are, weekend again. We have been keeping busy with some classes for the little ones and exercises for us adults too. There are a few classes that we now truly cannot live without, in the development of our little humans.

On Monday mornings start your week off with a nice relaxing kids yoga class with @glowyoga_studio, last week was a Safari themed class and even though Austin and Aria weren’t following the class they loved being able move freely, play with Mommy on the yoga mat and learn the African animals.

Joe Wicks, not only has you offered us delicious Lean in 15 recipes, Wean in 15 recipes, but now the morning workout P.E with Joe. I thought this was for school going children but tuned in to it one morning as it is all over the news but turns out, it is quite challenging and lifts your heartrate and focuses in on those muscles! We were very impressed, and the kids played around me while I was doing it.

Mini Music Makers is just great! The presenters engage the children and are good singers and it is enjoyable for all. They really make it fun for the children and parents offering an upbeat and musical class. There is a definite focus on learning, and it has a wonderful, I’m just going to say it… not ‘annoying’ vibe to the class. There are only so many sing-along classes you can sit through, hoping its not just me on that one!

I did make mention of Dantastic Productions last week, but they do put on a good show and they include some props that you can gather from bits you have around the house. This one requires a bit more from you to set the tone/ fun element for the children, but it is like being at a children’s party, so good for them.

What I found is that if you have a few Ace’s up your sleeve, aka online classes then you will be fine. When you feel you need a break from play/entertain let the experts take over and your children will enjoy it too. We ended the week on a high with @SophieEllisBextor and her Kitchen Disco!! Who can feel low after a disco boogie we can’t wait for next week and will find some sparkly clothes for it too! She released her album Familia just after giving birth to baby in 2016, what an amazing, fun woman.

Some others that supported us this week were; @ettiebettybaby for sing and sign and Wiggle and Rhyme. Momtalkpodcast has been super kind and put the live classes together on a handy spread sheet that you can go a grab from her Instagram.

Mumtalkpodcast –

If you find any more classes or activities that are worth following or checking out please share them below in the comments or message me? The time really does fly if you keep busy.