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Transcription was not my usual read, it was the pink flamingo on the cover that attracted me to it. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but my love of art and design just means that a lovely cover does hugely appeal to me .

It took me some time to get into the reading as its pace was slow and not gripping from the outset. It is set 1940’s during the war and shows how everyone’s lives changed during that time. People got involved in the war effort and were put in positions that would not normally be called for. Our lead character, Juliet, is eighteen years old and is placed in an apartment next to where Nazi informants meet, here the recordings of their conversation get transcribe by her. For me these transcriptions were the hardest to read as they do not make up much of the overall story.  It is more the events around those recordings and the different characters that make up the story.

There are a few twists that forces you to wonder, morally, what you would have done in that position. The espionage tone of the book does make it a page turner that makes you want to solve the various mysteries within its pages.

Some of the story takes place many years after the war, with Juliet still feeling the ghosts and guilt from the war time around her. She met people from all walks of life and though she did manage to build a life for herself far away from her past, it could not unwrite the page she transcribed or the actions she took.

I did find myself sticking to it just because I wanted to know what this pink flamingo actually has to do with the plot. It does reveal itself and I am glad I kept reading as even though it was slow to start with, as it was quit relaxing to read and a nice escape without being my normal fiction and fantasy novels.