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Friday morning and Messy Play

This week has turned out to be full of activities! Our wonderful neighbour and Godmamma to the twins joined us for a cup of coffee at Estate Office Coffee before work and the baby class we had after. So glad this great little spot opened on Greyhound Lane.

We hadn’t got round to trying it since it opened, [partly because I was worried that our double buggy would take up too much room. They were very accommodating and there were loads of other buggies and the business people who were there were kind enough to not look at us with disdain. Always a win, I think. The beacon butty and coffee was very tasty, and we will defiantly stop in here again.  

Estate Office Coffee cuppa

The class we had was Messy Play with the great team from Sensory Land at the Railway Pub by the Streatham Common Station. I would really recommend this for your little ones, they can explore and develop their skills in a safe environment and Mummy doesn’t need to the cleaning up.

I am not sure if I stand alone here but I tend to try keep this clean and mealtimes is as messy as it gets. I really look forward to when we do art in the house but just feel that it will be better when they understand a bit better. Thankfully in the meantime there are classes such as this one, that offer a space where parents can let go and the children can enjoy themselves without our limitations. 

Everyone chasing bubbles

This is just a quick share of our morning as both were worth a mention.