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The Seed Collectors

I love a library and will be writing a separate piece on that, but that is where most of the books I read comes from. One of the recent books I have read is The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas. Though it took a while for me to get into it was just wonderful and eye opening on a few topics once I did. 

It was the varied plot lines built around a family or botanists/ hippies that took time to wrap my head around. It’s not a standard Mum, Dad children family tree but rather more intertwined than that. Some of the scenes may make you question your own morality but it is the sub text of the seeds that really perk my interest. As a Kundalini yoga practitioner, the term of enlightenment is not foreign to me but to think that taking a drug/ seed could get you there. Very interesting but of course there is a cost. 

What makes the book appeal to me and I hope you to is that it is in itself also ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, like all of us. Giving hope that you can survive your faults for lack of a better word or at least learn and evolve. 

It all comes together so beautifully towards the end and you have a real ‘aha’ moment. I don’t want to give away the twists and turns this book takes but pay attention to names as you may find yourself wanting to turn back to make sure who is who. 


Author: bernadineawalters

We live in South London and I am a mother of twins. They are 1 and I am documenting life after giving birth. The bad days, the great days and also making sure to find myself within motherhood. I look forward to sharing my varied interests with you and hope to find some like minded people out there and hopfully be of some support to some new Moms out there.

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