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Sweaty Story Time

I have been mulling over what to write for the next post and not having arrived at anything, I thought just start writing. Yesterday was Monday and we managed to make it out the door early to head into Balham. We are members are Bertie and Boo Adventure Island (soft play café), a generous gift from Grandma and Grandpa. As we were early, we were in time for story time at 10:30. This was just wonderful except for the fact that I was running after twins, making sure they are in the same area and not injuring themselves, or other children.  

Austin and Aria climbing the Pirateship softplay

Typically, this looks like me herding them into one side of the play are through a gate. O wait, everyone leaves the gate open that separates two rooms making a hard job harder. Once we in the same room Austin will enter the soft play structure from one side and Aria wants to go in the bottom. They only 16months and are running around so I tend to be in there with them to make sure they are safe. Austin still walks up to the top of a side and often forgets to sit down. Once before, I needed to fling myself through a soft play to get to him before he dove headfirst down the slide. Leave them they say, they will be fine they say… 

In the story time room both my little ones are walking around, Aria tries to leave the room and Austin is climbing into the area where all the toys have been stacked to make space for the class. Once everyone is inside, and the door is closed I can breathe. When the class starts there is singing, and Austin sits on my lap while Aria happily joins in and stands with the other children. This is when I realize that on my T-shirt where the waist is, I have a nice big sweat stain from all the running around! You know that cringe feeling inside? I do not embarrass easily but a sweat stain when everyone else looks fresh or at least sweat free. 

I hold onto Austin where he is blocking some of the tell-tale wet patch, luckily, he is so bemused that he just sits and stares. 10 minutes from the end he starts to moan a bit, nothing that would normally cause me to exit, but I am relieved and scoop up Aria in my arms and head out so I can pop them in the pram and leave. 

Now maybe no one noticed and maybe they did and thought nothing of it but for me it just felt horrible. Let’s not judge others for we do not know how much running around is required to see them where they are not losing their shit. 

Essie, on mute nail colour

On happier news Mamma also popped to Boots to buy some nail-varnish, only Essie had the colour I wanted so had to treat myself. The first time since having the twins I painted my nails and didn’t smudge them, winning! This all achieved while still doing all the normal duties.

Please let me know of any cringe moments you have had. #We are not alone.